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As there isn't an intuitive way to reach a big group of people on their phone, other that recurring to the already overloaded email or trying your luck with social media, we decided to create Coupsh.

Coupsh let's you create a page and post content. It also lets you become member of other pages and receive updates from them, directly on the Coupsh app. Our goal is to provide a medium to share one-way updates to big groups of people in a more customizable way.

In this page we gathered some info on how to use Coupsh.

If you have any questions you can contact me directly at

Private and public pages

We've made a distinction between public and private pages to offer a more tailored experience according to each owner's needs.

Public pages can be accessed by anyone with the link, and anybody can become a member. However, members' emails won't be visible to the page owner.

Private pages are, well, private. Only the people invited can become members of the page. The owner can invite people directly with their email addresses and they will instantly become invitees. Invitees will instantly receive new posts on their email even if they don't have an account on Coupsh yet. They can then choose to continue receiving updates through email (remaining as invitees), join the page (becoming normal members) or block the page (if you are the owner of the page, you don't want that). Private pages can also have a password, and then anyone with the link and the password can become a member.

If you already have a list of emails of the people who you want to join your page, a private page might be the best option for you.

If you are a page owner, it's important that you have people's consent and permission before you add them directly with their email. We want to prevent spammers, and if we detect suspicious activity in your account in this regard we might have to suspend it temporarily or permanently.

Owners that want to change their page to public or private can only do so by contacting us (through "Contact and support") to make a request stating the purpose of the change.


Only page owners can see and edit it's members.

Page members can have different statuses:

Normal member. You know, just a normal member. Member's can see and comment on posts but cannot create posts. Member's need to have an account on Coupsh.
Admin. Admins are assigned by the page owner, and can post to the page and edit posts.
Blocked. The page owner can also block a member. Blocked member's can't see nor participate in a page.
Invitee. Only private pages can have invitees; they're the people added by the owner with their email addresses. Invitees receive updates directly on their email and can become normal members if they wish. Invitees don't necessarily need an account on Coupsh.
Invitee blocked. If an invitee blocks a page, the owner will see it with this icon on the list of members. This invitee won't receive emails from the page.
Invalid invitee. When the email is not valid (for example when it's been bounced by the email server) the user is marked as invalid and will be "left out" of your members' list.

Getting new members

In a private page, you can add people in the following ways: In the cases where you're adding people directly with their email, be sure to have their permission first. In a public page, you can get members sharing the link to your page.

Customizing a page

The owner of the page is the only one who can edit the appearance of a page. To customize the page, he'll have to choose:

Choosing an icon

Here are some resources to help you choose an icon. If you already have an image of your group or organization, you can use some graphics editor to make it transparent.

For small icons, you can check this page, which allows to create some icons from the material design guidelines.

You can also find some good and free icons in the page


Only page owners and admins can post to a page. However, a post can include comments or quick responses so that other members can interact.

Posts can be as simple as two lines of text (the title and the content), or you can add more stuff. You can also insert a link from a URL and even embed some special content:

Some final words

We're constantly trying to improve Coupsh, adding new features and fixing some issues. Our focus is the people, that's why we call members members and not followers or subscribers. If you have any comments, drop us a line by clicking "contact & support" on the main page or directly to my personal email